In The News: Hellfire, Treehouse Press, and the (Not-So) Rapture of Pregnancy

While perusing through upcoming December releases, I came across two books on the frequently fraught intersections between LGBTQ communities and organized religion: Queer Religion by Donald L. Boisvert and Jay Emerson Johnson, and Love is an Orientation: Participant’s Guide by Andrew Martin, from his earlier 2009 award-winning book, Love is an Orientation. … read more

Queer Rites: God vs. Gay? The Religious Case for Equality

Like most people, I weathered the media panic surrounding the coming of Hurricane Irene. Although the rational part of me remained calm, the media frenzy seemed to want people to overreact. The loud chorus of doom had taken over every other item in the news. “Hurricane of the century,” “Hurricane of Hurricanes,” people were saying…. read more

A Tribute to Peter J. Gomes

Preacher, Theologian, Queer Activist Rev. Peter J. Gomes died on February 28, 2011 from a heart attack and brain aneurysm. Gomes had been in deteriorating health since he suffered a stroke in December 2010. He was 68. Gomes was an internationally influential minister and theologian, Pusey Minister for the (non-denominational) Memorial Church of Harvard University for… read more