‘The Horizontal Poet’ by Jan Steckel

Unmistakably bisexual, accomplished and rich, The Horizontal Poet is an excellent offering of 57 poems from wordsmith Jan Steckel. A former doctor and current activist on bisexual and disability issues, Steckel writes about her relationships with women and men, thorny health problems suffered by patients as well as herself, social issues, neighborhood observations and her… read more

'The Alcoholic' by Jonathan Ames

The Alcoholic is a tale of sexual confusion, romantic obsession and addiction counterpointed by a deep and loving familial bond. Jonathan Ames continues his tradition of naming his fictional protagonists after himself, giving them his looks and borrowing heavily from his own life, which sets up an odd relationship with the reader. We know that… read more

'The Story of a Marriage' by Andrew Sean Greer

The Story of a Marriage is about a bisexual love-triangle set in 1950s San Francisco. Pearlie and Holland, high school sweethearts who rekindle their relationship after World War Two, have settled into a fairly typical nuclear family scenario. Their son suffers from Polio and they are poor, with Holland’s twin aunts helping out with the… read more