The Banal and the Profane: Shawn Syms

“Through fiction we are often trying to solve—or at least somehow address—the problems and contradictions that preoccupy us in real life. In crafting a novel about compulsive gambling and fetishistic sex, that’s definitely what I’m doing.”… read more

'The Desperates' by Greg Kearney

In The Desperates, a potent debut novel and current Lammy nominee for gay fiction, Canadian Greg Kearney mines fairly specific territory—cancer and chemotherapy, life with HIV, methamphetamine, fantasies of self-destruction—to uncover provocative insights about broader themes like birth and death, and family […] … read more

'Ugly Man' by Dennis Cooper

In his twelfth book, Ugly Man, celebrated noir stylist Dennis Cooper treads territory familiar to the many fans of his extremist oeuvre: for instance, Satanism and the kidnapping, torture, sexual assault and murder of teens and young boys. Plumbing these depths, Cooper provides readers with some provocative insights into the human mind and extreme manifestations… read more