L. Lamar Wilson: Sacrilegion

“It is my hope that my work forces us to face our fears of HIV/AIDS. Life has brought me intimately close to facing my own, and I hope Sacrilegion gives readers their own sublime experience in the mirror.” Sylvia Plath once remarked, “I think writers are the most narcissistic people. Well, I mustn’t say this, I like… read more

10 Reasons Not to Miss this Year's Poets Forum

New Yorkers have a lot to look forward to in October: leather weather (finally!), oversized sweaters, some of the most inventive and intricate Halloween costumes in the world–and, of course, since 2007, the Academy of American Poets’ annual Poets Forum. Poets Forum is a celebration and examination of the form, where some of the sharpest and most exciting voices in American poetry gather to share their work and discuss their processes. Here’s ten reasons (of many) not to miss this year…… read more

“Philip Levine and Other Mediocrities": Does the Huffington Post Hate Poetry?

Reviewing the Reviewer Last Wednesday it was announced that Philip Levine will be the next U.S. Poet Laureate. The following Saturday, presumably acting on the assumption that working-class poets, or poets in general, enjoy too much popularity and unchecked power, the Huffington Post issued what looked at first glance like a call for impeachment…. read more

Five poets that changed my life…

Evie Shockley — Shockley’s work taught me that poetry is centerfold worthy. Her poem “a thousand words” is a literary and auditory masterpiece that both challenges and delights the reader. “unbelievable sale!” which addresses Martin Luther King Jr. Day themed “vacations,” showed me how poetry can turn popular culture on its head and smack it… read more