'All City' by Alex DiFrancesco

“There are little pockets of worldbuilding that feel like logical movements into the future, making this novel feel less like a dystopia and more like maybe this book was written about thirty years from now, and just fell out of a wormhole onto this editor’s desk.”… read more

'Infidels' by Abdellah Taïa

Abdellah Taïa’s Infidels is a story about the protagonist Jallal’s fall–out of boyhood, into love, out of innocence, into Jihad…. read more

Chavisa Woods: Beyond the Narrative

“If you’re writing a big sprawling book about America, and racism doesn’t come up at all, well, I would wonder about that.”

Author Chavisa Woods was kind enough to talk to Lambda Literary Review about her new book, The Albino Album, her responsibilities as a writer, and what’s next in her literary career…. read more

Luis Negrón: The Cruel Gay World

“[…]’gayness’ questions the idea that society has of itself.”

In a wry voice that seamlessly combines both sincerity and camp, Luis Negrón’s Mundo Cruel examines how desire, love, and sexuality simultaneously inspire and warp the citizens of Santurce, Puerto Rico…. read more

'The Albino Album' by Chavisa Woods

The Albino Album is, at its core, a novel of the human condition. It’s a political novel. It’s a love story and a coming-of-age story. It’s the story of a girl who rides an albino horse and has no patience for the niceties of cultural conditioning. Suffice to say, it’s multifaceted, in the best possible way…. read more

'Mundo Cruel' by Luis Negrón

Mundo Cruel is a shrewd celebration of subversion, to be sure, but for all its bravado the broader point here is a quiet reaffirmation that we all possess the innate capacity to subvert the status quo…. read more

Hello, Cruel World: Kate Bornstein, Internet Hate and the Safety of Books

On Youtube there is an interview with Lambda Literary award winning writer Kate Bornstein, promoting Borstein’s then-new book Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and other Outlaws (Seven Stories Press), essentially a suicide survival guide. The interview takes a turn towards the disturbing when Kate opens up the discussion for callers…. read more