'Atlantic Island' by Tony Duvert

Novels by radical gay writers written in the 1970s continue to be translated from French to English, and Atlantic Island is another example of why that’s an edifying and, in this case, even an entertaining trend… read more

Bruce Benderson: Against Marriage

“The book is not against gay marriage. Or any kind of marriage, as a private sacrament with no connection to government or law. It’s against marriage as a legitimate legal institution.”… read more

'The Suiciders' by Travis Jeppesen

The Suiciders is in some respects a challenging read, but for those willing to step out of their habitual zones of comfort there is reward to be found for the effort…. read more

Chris Kraus: Summer of Hate

“I was writing art essays, doing my job, but the concerns of high culture in circulation then had nothing to do with what was going on in the world. And this was very disturbing to me. To just continue what I was doing felt very collusive and weird.”

The spirited iconoclast, novelist, art critic, and publisher Chris Kraus talked with Lambda Literary about her new novel, Summer of Hate, her involvement with publishing imprint Semiotext(e), and a recent foray into curatorial practice…. read more

'An Arab Melancholia' by Abdellah Taïa

As the aftermath of the civil uprisings that influenced the Arab Spring settles into a precarious political movement seeking democracy, there will no doubt emerge among the voices of dissenters a voice that will challenge the political rhetoric promising an equalitarian society, a voice that will challenge the morality of a people and the ideals… read more

'The Screwball Asses' by Guy Hocquenghem

As a self-professed queer theorist and pop culture aficionado, I will be the first to admit that I see queerness in everything. While this certainly comes in handy for generating articles and essays (something I also freely admit to loving to do), it’s also exceedingly hard to “turn off” when I’m trying to unwind and… read more

'Salvation Army' by Abdellah Taïa

Lambda Award Finalist Here in the United States, it’s easy to become jaded about the coming out narrative. It can feel like a story we’ve read one time too many, one that has somehow become commodified, fraught with predictability. But every once in a while a novel comes along that shatters our jaded state and… read more