2010 in Review: Dan Savage

“Tell them it gets better.” Perhaps the most powerful internet meme of the year was started by a Lambda Literary Award winning author: Dan Savage. In his highly influential column Savage Love, on Sept 23, 2010, reacting to the suicide news of several LGBT teens, Savage wrote his now famous call to arms: “…here’s what… read more

3 Authors Interview Sarah Waters

Carol Seajay interviewed Sarah Waters for Lambda Book Report back in 2006. So how could we possibly top that? This time around, instead of a traditional interview, we asked you, our readers, to interview the award-winning author. Waters is currently promoting the paperback release of her latest critically acclaimed novel, The Little Stranger, reviewed by… read more

'The Little Stranger' by Sarah Waters

Even simply listing the names of Sarah Waters’s previous novels causes a little rise of excitement which is a visitation from the intense pleasures (especially, perhaps, for a lesbian, but clearly for many others, as well) of reading them: Tipping the Velvet. Affinity. Fingersmith. The Night Watch. Brilliance. The Little Stranger, out in paperback this… read more

Want to interview Sarah Waters?

This month LambdaLiterary.org has the opportunity to interview author (and Lambda Award winner) Sarah Waters. This is big news! So big, in fact, we need your help! What should we ask her? Add your questions to the comments section below and we’ll select the best questions and send them to the author. Your question could… read more

Book Buzz: Jan 2010

News and noteworthy tidbits from the LGBT writing and publishing community…. read more

Sarah Waters' Victorian Love Affair

Sarah Waters started writing her first novel, Tipping the Velvet, as she was finishing a dissertation on lesbian and gay historical fiction from 1870 to the present at the University of London. Her burst onto the literary scene with three very lesbian-inclusive romps through the underbelly of Victorian England and has rescued lesbians from the… read more