'The One That Got Away' by Carol Rosenfeld

In The One That Got Away, Carol Rosenfeld’s debut novel, wedding planning—the stuff of cotton candy-spun dreams—serves as the backdrop for the romantic longings of Bambi Devine—B.D. to her friends—who earns her living in the industry… read more

'Happiness, Like Water' by Chinelo Okparanta

It is the opposition of expectations, more than opposition of cultures, which affects the characters in Happiness, Like Water, a debut collection of ten stories by Nigerian author Chinelo Okparanta. … read more

'Postage Due' by Julie Marie Wade

A collection of straight-ahead poems is a good thing, but equally good and also refreshing is a poetry collection diverse as a sound financial portfolio, with poems, prose, prose poems, epistles, and postcards revealing versatility and offering preventative action against dread humdrum…. read more