‘The Jungle Around Us’ by Anne Raeff

The slow, measured prose of these nine interrelated tales approaches big topics—loneliness, belonging, death, fear—and yet, Anne Raeff’s stories are intimate, character driven, and incredibly subtle… read more

Chavisa Woods: Beyond the Narrative

“If you’re writing a big sprawling book about America, and racism doesn’t come up at all, well, I would wonder about that.”

Author Chavisa Woods was kind enough to talk to Lambda Literary Review about her new book, The Albino Album, her responsibilities as a writer, and what’s next in her literary career…. read more

'Licking the Spoon' by Candace Walsh

Food is, of course, the perfect metaphor for Walsh’s life: through much stumbling, there is a persistent desire to find the right dish, the perfect spice, the ingredient that brings it all together…. read more

'The Dream of Doctor Bantam' by Jeanne Thornton

Meet Julie Thatch, the teenage protagonist of Jeanne Thornton’s debut novel, The Dream of Doctor Bantam. Julie is seventeen, an angst-filled teenager coping with the untimely death of her beloved older sister while uncovering the wild world of sexuality and love…. read more