'The Repercussions' by Catherine Hall

The Repercussions does not try to explain war, nor does it try to call us to action. It is simply a chronicle of the ways human beings mess each other up and what it takes, on an individual level, to keep on living… read more

'Like A Woman' by Debra Busman

In prose as lucid and passionate as any manifesto, this contemporary feminist anthem offers us a hero who both charms and challenges readers by way of her acuity, grit and depth… read more

'Everything Leads to You' by Nina LaCour

“Though full of juicy Hollywood-style plot, Everything Leads to You is less about building relationships and falling in love, than it is about how to set the stage for something amazing to happen.”… read more

Kelly Cogswell: My Life as a Lesbian Avenger

“The Lesbian Avengers were enormous! Dykes were inspired to start groups all over the world, not just in New York and San Francisco. In its heyday during the 1990s, there were at least sixty Lesbian Avenger chapters.”… read more

Donna Minkowitz: Growing Up and Writing It All Down

“I like writing about sex, and in particular, writing about real sexual and sensual experiences. Partly because I think the reality of sexual experiences is often elided in writing into something less ambiguous or ambivalent than sexual experiences often feel.”… read more

'Letters to Kelly Clarkson' by Julia Bloch

“Everyone wants music that transports them,” writes the speaker in Julia Bloch’s new book of prose poetry, Letters to Kelly Clarkson.  While one need not possess a discerning ear for musical talent to appreciate the cultural meaning of a pop star like Clarkson, Bloch’s collection of poetic epistles pricks the barrier between the actual and the illusory. … read more

Allison Moon: Sex, Werewolves, and Self-Publishing

“I love writing sex. And I love talking sex. A lot of writers feel stymied or scared of writing sex because it’s like, ‘Oh I can totally reveal myself through all these horrible violent things I’m writing, but when I reveal myself through sex it’s like too personal’ or something. Maybe it’s because I am… read more