'In Full Velvet' by Jenny Johnson

Johnson’s language celebrates the natural world, bringing ecology into the world of lesbians, suggesting both that people can be queer anywhere … read more

'Fox Tooth Heart' by John McManus

John McManus’s new collection Fox Tooth Heart is a gripping, often tragic meditation on the vast distance between inner life and outer expectations… read more

‘Fire Year’ by Jason K. Friedman

In Fire Year, the 2012 winner of the Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction, Jason K. Friedman mines two very distinct veins of American fiction: that of the American Jewish experience, and that of the American South…… read more

'Small Fires' by Julie Marie Wade

In Small Fires, Julie Marie Wade, who won a Lambda for her memoir Wishbone, considers family and memory with a poetic eye and unabashed tongue. With her carefully chosen words and a studied deliberateness, Wade proves unafraid to delve into her past—to skillfully reconstruct the events of her youth, from the horrifying to the sentimental to the self-conscious and beyond…. read more

'The Sensual World Re-emerges' by Eleanor Lerman

2011 Lambda Literary Award Finalist In spite of what the title–The Sensual World Re-emerges (Sarabande Books)–may suggest, I do not go to Eleanor Lerman’s latest collection for gratifying imagery or for a structurally wrought poetic world. I go to this collection for Lerman’s signature one-liners, wry humor, and steadfast yearning in a spirit world gone… read more

Eleanor Lerman, "The Sensual World Re-emerges"

In the upcoming month we’ll be featuring poems from this year’s Lambda Literary Award finalists for Gay & Lesbian Poetry. Today, we’re kicking things off with the title poem from Eleanor Lerman’s nominated title, The Sensual World Re-emerges (Sarabande Books)…. read more

If You Knew Then What I Know Now [Video]

You Have To Watch This Dear everyone who produces book trailers or other digital promotional media. Take a note from the team behind Tucker Capps’ short film inspired by Ryan Van Meter’s upcoming essay collection, If You Knew Then What I Know Now (Sarabande Books) forthcoming in April. This is how it’s done…. read more

'Want' by Rick Barot

Rick Barot, whose first book, The Darker Fall, won Sarabande Books’ Kathryn A. Morton Prize in 2002, is back with another impressive collection, Want. Longing surfaces and resurfaces throughout Want, most evidently in “Echo,” an allusion to the nymph of Ovid’s Metamorphoses whose love for Narcissus goes unrequited…. read more