Delany's Times Square

“Show World Center is one of the places that may escape the move—so there’ll still be a little color left, a few memories of an older Forty-second Street,” writes Samuel R. Delany in his cult classic, Times Square Red, Times Square Blue, as he laments the loss of the infamous peep shows, sex cinemas, and street hustlers… read more

2013 Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices

The Lambda Literary Foundation is proud to announce details for the 2013 Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices, the nation’s premier queer writers residency.

Faculty members include Samuel R. Delany, Malindo Lo, Sarah Schulman, and David Groff…. read more

'Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders' by Samuel R. Delany

Delany clearly wants to push buttons, intellectually and emotionally, but he doesn’t restrict that to those buttons relating to sex. He also challenges us to think about race, class, morality, and literature itself, and what preconceptions we bring to those subjects. … read more

Delany and Schulman "most underrated"

Samuel R. Delany (pictured left), Rigoberto Gonzalez, Achy Obejas, and Sarah Shulman are among PWxyz’s 60 most underrated writers in America. The piece began as a response to HuffPo’s 15 Most Overrated Writers list written by Anis Shivani the week of August 9th. Shivani’s list included more than a few scathing remarks of some LGBT… read more