People that Make You Pay Attention to Poetry, the Golden Crown Literary Society, the Stoli Vodka Ban, and Other LGBT News

On Thursday, August 1, dozens of same-sex couples in Rhode Island and Minnesota exchanged vows in honor of the first official day that a marriage of this kind could be officiated according to the laws of their respective states. In Minnesota, eager couples were even counting the seconds, as ceremonies began at midnight—nearly 1,000 people… read more

A Historic Week for the Gay Rights Movement

Recently, the California Department of Education released their list of recommended reading for students in grades K-12. The list, which contains over 7,800 publications, includes 32 books that are categorized as “LGBT-themed.” Though some applaud the potential for gay literature in the classroom, claiming that it will expose children to the lives of LGBT individuals,… read more

New History Exhibits, Recent Research Findings, and the VIDA Count

From June 7 to Sept. 15, the New-York Historical Society will feature an exhibition called “AIDS in New York: The First Five Years.” The exhibition, which draws from a variety of archive materials such as diaries, audio and video clips, photographs and doctors’ notes, will delve into the social and political histories surrounding the outbreak… read more