Susan Stinson: Body and Soul

“I am an out lesbian writing about Jonathan Edwards, who many consider the most important Christian theologian this country has ever produced, an icon for many, including many who don’t accept queer people – to go into that territory was scary.”

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Sally Bellerose: A Question of Humiliation

Maybe writers who want to write better stories need to ask more interesting questions and readers need to be willing to be left with interesting questions when the story ends.

The world is complex. The best questions may never get fully answered, not in literature, not in life. … read more

Best Books 2011: Authors' Choice

Lambda Literary queried a cadre of authors (Edmund White, Susan Stinson, Jewelle Gomez, Dennis Cooper, Kelli Dunham, and many more) to answer the question: what was your favorite LGBTQ book of 2011?… read more

'The Girls Club' by Sally Bellerose

The opening chapter of The Girls Club (Bywater Books) by Sally Bellerose lays it all out on the table. But this just a taste of what the reader will find throughout the rest of the novel—body, sisterhood, illness, family, confused sexuality. In this unabashed prose, Bellerose captures a specific time, place, and circumstance while managing… read more