'Prelude to Bruise' by Saeed Jones

“Using rhythm and invented rhyme as a vehicle, the poems in Prelude to Bruise sing a song of the self that manages to be both highly personal and wholly recognizable.”… read more

A Look at the Frank O’Hara Fire Island Pines Poetry Festival

“Before there was the Internet, there was Frank O’Hara. We’re just as a culture finally catching up to his manic speed and endlessly divisible attention span”

Event moderator Adam Fitzgerald on the Frank O’Hara Fire Island Pines Poetry Festival…. read more

Notes after Fifteen Viewings of 'The Fifth Element'

I suppose there are certainly more problematic films that I could have chosen to fall unabashedly in love with. Of course, that’s little comfort. I’m essentially saying that sometimes I want to look the other way, to pretend cultural oppression and enforcement aren’t an integral part of mainstream film…. read more

Nina Simone’s Gun

All I’ve ever wanted to do was create and witness art that might save my life. And, thus far, it has. Art has pulled me back from the edge of myself more times than I can count. I’m sure that’s true for many of you as well, but, lately, it hasn’t been enough…… read more

All the Pretty Ones

 “I don’t trust beauty anymore / when will I stop believing it?”                        – Reginald Shepherd To pretend that a conversation about beauty isn’t, in fact, a conversation about privilege is an act of privilege. When an emerging writer pens an essay praising Anne Sexton… read more

Watching 'Pariah' with Audre Lorde

The irony, of course, is that Pariah is a fairly straightforward coming-of-age tale. The pathos is one of hard-earned familiarity. As Audre Lorde would say, “There are no new pains. We have felt them all.” Even still, to see those growing pains honored is a radical offering…. read more