'Blood, Marriage, Wine and Glitter' by S. Bear Bergman

Oh, sweetheart. How can I explain this to you, when you have so little experience of meanness? When your whole frame of reference for the grave injustices of the world is that you are typically restricted to one episode of Muppets at a time and are sometimes, non-consensually, covered with a blanket? How do I… read more

Music, Movement, and Good Advice: Queer Conversations Across the Web

A lot of movement in the queer writing world lately. Lawyer, activist, and Lambda Finalist Dean Spade is on a European book tour! If you’re not in Berlin, you can read a conversation in which Spade, Eric A. Stanley of Captive Genders, and the authors of Queer Injustice discuss queering the prison abolition movement, or you… read more

S. Bear Bergman: Allowing All Children to See Themselves

This week author S. Bear Bergman rocked the Internet with the launch of a kickstarter campaign for Flamingo Rampant!, a new press focused on the creation of gender independent children’s books.

Lambda sat down with Bear to talk about the books, the decision to create an independence press, and what the money which continues to flow in above the initial ask will allow them to create.
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'Balancing on the Mechitza' edited by Noach Dzmura

Lambda Literary Award Finalist Balancing on the Mechitza: Transgender in Jewish Community (North Atlantic Books) is an exploration of Judaism through a lens of sex and gender, and it is also the reverse: an exploration of sex and gender through the eyes of Judaism. They have some things in common, notably a great deal of… read more

'The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You' by S. Bear Bergman

S. Bear Bergman’s latest collection of essays, The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You (Arsenal Pulp Press), is not the sort of book to be read in one sitting. As the title indicates, the book documents, interrogates, meditates on the experience of gender that does not, unlike (hopefully) an airplane flight, smoothly transition a person… read more

'Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation' ed by Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman

Lambda Literary Award Finalist Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation (Seal) is a result of its editors’ sense that in the 15 years since the publication of Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us (Vintage ), a generation of transgendered, genderqueer, and gender nonconforming folks grew into their queer selves with the analytical… read more

New in September

September signals the start of the official fall book season, one of the busiest times of the year for publishers and authors alike. Some exciting fiction titles this month include Monique Truong‘s Bitter In the Mouth (Random House)—we interviewed Truong last month—and Yield (Kensington), the exciting debut from Lee Houck. In nonfiction, we’re excited about… read more