When Nobody’s Chasing You: The Romantic Comedy That Got Real

The first time I saw My Best Friend’s Wedding I was dismayed. At eight or nine, I had discovered the 1997 film among my maternal grandparents’ small, seemingly random VHS collection and then settled down for the evening to watch Julia Roberts scheme her way back into old flame Dermot Mulroney’s roguishly handsome heart. What… read more

Rupert Everett Will Direct and Star in Oscar Wilde Biopic

Actor Rupert Everett is set to make his first directorial outing with a film about Oscar Wilde–tentatively titled The Happy Prince.  NYMag reports: Rupert Everett will make his directorial debut with an Oscar Wilde biopic, which he will also write and star in[…]The Happy Prince will also star Colin Firth, Emily Watson, and Tim Wilkinson, and should start shooting… read more