New In January: Toibin, Levithan & Rich

How beautiful the turning of the year! If, like many of us, you made a resolution to read more books this year, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got tons of new tomes. Radclyffe and Richard Labonté kick off 2011 with new Best Romance anthologies both from Cleis Press. Meanwhile, the king of… read more

'Queer and Catholic' Ed by Amie M. Evans and Trebor Healey

Some years ago a tall, handsome straight artist friend of mine complained that he was being stalked by a Greek Orthodox archimandrite. The black veiled archimandrite had apparently seen my friend painting outdoors and inquired about his art. Fascinated by the trappings of Orthodoxy, my friend accepted an invitation to dinner and later included the… read more