'Qu33r' edited by Robert Kirby

“Comics have grown up quite a bit, and queer cartoonists are making confident, sophisticated works that are finding readers across the entire landscape of publishing.”… read more

Queer Cartoonists On The Loose

We know what you’re all thinking, and no, this is not a fabulous Levi’s ad from the early 90s–it is actually a really fantastic moment in comic book history. And as we continue our celebration of the comic book medium, we must pause and appreciate this landmark occasion:… read more

'No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics' edited by Justin Hall

Somebody needed to do this: compile a knowledgeable, historical collection of queer comics. But the task was daunting in more ways than one. There’s the difficulty of curating any historical collection to include the most representative art works and artists of the era. But queer comics pose an added challenge, as many were published by underground, indie and non-mainstream publishers, or were self-published…… read more

'Three' ed. by Robert Kirby

It’s nice to see Robert Kirby back on the comic book scene, both as an editor (Boy Trouble) and an artist (Curbside Boys). His intro to Three explains the power of three: three muses, Three Musketeers, three wishes, beginning, middle and end, and queer as a three dollar bill. It’s a nice jump into the… read more