'Erased' by Robbi McCoy

Erased opens with the quintessential cop car chase. Lights flashing and sirens blaring, San Francisco police officer Dani Barsetti is racing to stop a bomb from detonating at a company responsible for the banking of rare seeds. She also hopes to catch the criminal responsible for endangering the inhabitants of the city. She’s assisting FBI… read more

'Melt' by Robbi McCoy

Kelly Sheffield is a talented photojournalist on a career-changing assignment. She was once a love-struck student, but that was many years and thousands of miles ago. As Melt (Bella) opens, we learn that the object of her past admiration and naive crush was one of her college professors.  However, Jordan Westgate only responded with a cool… read more

'For Me and My Gal' by Robbi McCoy

Shelby Pratt was fired from her waitressing job at an upscale restaurant because a diner took umbrage with the service and the food. To add to her misery, her grandmother, Lucille, broke her hip and had to move to a rehabilitation facility, and Shelby agreed to temporarily move into Lucille’s home…. read more

'Not Every River' by Robbi McCoy

Randi Randall works at the Yuma, Arizona office of the Bureau of Land Management as the resident geologist. She loves Yuma, the people who live there, and the surrounding desert. She has finally gotten her life together and is happily single. Kim Gatlin, an archaeologist from  California university, has received permission to survey and catalogue… read more

New In December

Happy Holiday! Can you believe it’s December already? By now most of us have purchased our holiday books and are well on our way to vacationing with loved ones. December brings two big art-books including Leonard Barkan‘s new study of Michelangelo—which focuses on never-before-seen poems, scribbles, notes, and sketches—as well as a look at the… read more

New In August

August ushers in Justin Spring’s much-anticipated book, The Secret Historian, a revealing biography of poet and university professor Samuel Steward. The book was originally scheduled for June, but pushed back to this month. Reginald Harris is working on his review as I write this. A book we missed last month, T Cooper’s new illustrated novel,… read more