'Boy Erased' by Garrard Conley

In Boy Erased, there’s just the uneasy co-existence between a cultural geography Conley has been conditioned to accept that doesn’t—and won’t—accept him back…. read more

'Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl' by Carrie Brownstein

The debut memoir from Sleater Kinney member and Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl is a whip smart and compelling story that expertly blends music writing with personal revelations… read more

A Conversation with Ellis Avery

I first met Ellis Avery following the paperback publication of her award-winning novel, The Teahouse Fire (Riverhead Books, 2006). Her new novel, The Last Nude, had been recommended to me by Avery’s brilliant editor at Riverhead, Megan Lynch, a friend and former colleague of mine at Penguin Books. Avery’s erudite and warm personality, as well… read more

'The Last Nude' By Ellis Avery

While the book begins as a passionate tale from the lush landscape of Paris in the 1920s, livened by entrancing sex scenes and seductive exchanges, the story takes a turn toward the fast-paced—morphing into a plot-driven whodunit…… read more