'The Weary World Rejoices' by Steve Fellner

In the poem “St. Sebastian,” the speaker ponders: “How many St. Sebastian statues/ can I give as coming out gifts?” As the complex figure representing homoerotic desire and emotional/ physical torture, St. Sebastian is well-situated at the center of Steve Fellner’s hard-edged second poetry collection, which doesn’t disguise or sugar-coat the more disturbing scenarios of… read more

Over Coffee with Melvin Dixon

Queer mentorship is more than a good idea, or the right thing to do; it is a radical act of community building/re-building.

Supporting oneself as an artist is difficult, at any stage. And so it is with deep gratitude and more than a bit of awe, I reflect on writers who, in the midst of their day to day grind, invest time in raising emerging artists…… read more

Book Buzz #27: March 2011

To celebrate National Poetry Month in April, Rebel Satori Press joins forces with NYC’s El Museo del Barrio to publish Me No Habla With Acento: Contemporary Latino Poetry. The anthology includes poems by a number of out Latino poets, including Rigoberto Gonzalez, Luzma Umpierre, A.B. Lugo and Emanuel Xavier, who also edited. [Source] Another out poet, Lambda Literary Award… read more

'Normal Miguel' by Erik Orrantia

Set in the state of Puebla in southern Mexico, Erik Orrantia’s debut novel, Normal Miguel (Cheyenne), offers a unique experience for English readers: a heart-warming story about a young Mexican teacher in search of his soul in a rural, mostly-indigenous community. 25-year-old Miguel Hernández is openly gay, and even in mostly-liberal Mexico City, he cannot… read more

Charles Jensen @ Decatur Book Festival

Poet Charles Jensen reads “I Am the Boy Who Is Tied Down (Matthew Shepard)” from his Lambda Award Finalist collection, The First Risk (Lethe) at the 5th Annual AJC (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) Decatur Book Festival in Georgia. Atlanta Queer Literary Festival partnered with DBF this year to help bring a number of LGBT writers to the… read more

Delany and Schulman "most underrated"

Samuel R. Delany (pictured left), Rigoberto Gonzalez, Achy Obejas, and Sarah Shulman are among PWxyz’s 60 most underrated writers in America. The piece began as a response to HuffPo’s 15 Most Overrated Writers list written by Anis Shivani the week of August 9th. Shivani’s list included more than a few scathing remarks of some LGBT… read more

'If Jesus Were Gay' by Emanuel Xavier

A survivor of the gritty NYC streets, Emanuel Xavier shaped the troubling details and experiences of his past into arresting spoken-word performance pieces that were first published as Pier Queen in 1997. Since then he has undertaken other challenges–novelist, editor, and literary activist–building a strong reputation as a writer who is frank about sex and… read more

Boycotting Arizona: Authors Cry Out Against SB 1070

It’s now been a little over two weeks since Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the odious anti-immigrant state law SB 1070. The law criminalizes undocumented immigrants, along with anyone who associates with or aids them in any way, from giving an undocumented child a ride to school to offering prenatal medical services to an undocumented… read more

Rigoberto González: 5 Poets Who Changed My Life

Any poet will say that it takes a community of poets to shape a single life, so it is with plenty of hesitation that I single out five of them, all but one of whom have passed on. Highlighting five makes me feel ungrateful to the other five hundred, but as I write and revise… read more

Rainbow Book Fair Expands in 2nd Year

The Queer Books, Queer Kids: LGBT Writing for Children and Teens panelists (from left to right): Patrick Ryan, Martin Wilson and Rigoberto Gonzalez This past Saturday, the Rainbow Book Fair moved into new quarters for its second year. Held at held at The Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies at The City University of New… read more