'Red-Inked Retablos' by Rigoberto González

In Red-Inked Retablos, author Rigoberto González recalls speaking to a literature class where a young man approached him with a question. The student asked González, if growing up gay in the Latino community was so difficult, why he continues to go back to it. González quickly responded, “Because I love my people.”… read more

Rigoberto González: Populating the Bookshelves

“Being an activist-writer means keeping the door open for others, not closing it right behind you.”

The award-winning author Rigoberto González talked to Lambda Literary about the second novel in his YA trilogy ( The Mariposa Gown ), his new essay collection (Red-Inked Retablos), a new book of short prose (Autobiography of My Hungers), and his ongoing mission to “populate the bookshelves.”… read more

'The Weary World Rejoices' by Steve Fellner

In the poem “St. Sebastian,” the speaker ponders: “How many St. Sebastian statues/ can I give as coming out gifts?” As the complex figure representing homoerotic desire and emotional/ physical torture, St. Sebastian is well-situated at the center of Steve Fellner’s hard-edged second poetry collection, which doesn’t disguise or sugar-coat the more disturbing scenarios of… read more