Lambda Finalist Creates Modern Coming Out Guide for LGBT Youth

Marc Adams, award winning author of the autobio, The Preacher’s Son, has written an educational guide for family, friends and educators of LGBT youth. It’s Not About You: Understanding Coming Out & Self-Acceptance (Window) also includes access to online resources and additional learning materials for those seeking information about issues surrounding the coming out process…. read more

Rick Barot: 5 Poets Who Changed My Life

Instead of five poets, five poems.  Though ultimately it’s just as appropriate to say that the five poets who wrote these poems have changed my life, too.  Each of these poets has a legacy of work that I have pored over through the course of my life as a writer.  And, in that time, their… read more

'Want' by Rick Barot

Rick Barot, whose first book, The Darker Fall, won Sarabande Books’ Kathryn A. Morton Prize in 2002, is back with another impressive collection, Want. Longing surfaces and resurfaces throughout Want, most evidently in “Echo,” an allusion to the nymph of Ovid’s Metamorphoses whose love for Narcissus goes unrequited…. read more