'Nora Webster' by Colm Tóibín

Colm Tóibín’s latest novel, Nora Webster, has landed on multiple best of the year lists. It’s a fitting tribute for a book that is largely about taking stock…. read more

'Straight Razor' by Randall Mann

There are ways in which this collection of poems (by turns light and searing) doesn’t necessarily want the reader to get too comfortable…. read more

'Nocturnes of the Brothel of Ruin' by Patrick Donnelly

This book’s title simultaneously draws one with its high diction and keeps one at bay and the first poem, “When in the Uterine Empyrean They Told Me” seemed to follow suit. Clearly, a poem that at once invokes Second Empire gowns, the King James Bible’s Song of Solomon and friends with benefits in less than… read more

'Collateral Light' by Julia Cohen

A confession: I like to read the endings first. Not for novels or narrative memoirs, but always for a collection of poems. I’m not worried that the last poem in the book is going to give something vital away. Surprise is chronic in good poetry, and insight is recursive. These aren’t elements the reader has… read more

'What the Night Demands' by Miles Walser

“If I were a postcard, she could hide me in her pocket / if I were clay / she could mold my body into something easier to love, if I were the / guy who sells her cup of coffee every morning, I could smile at her/anonymously, safe as a stranger. / She kisses down… read more

‘Simple Pleasures’ by Kenna White

The story, Simple Pleasures (Bella Books), starts out benignly enough, with avid softball player Dale Kinsel participating in a charity game. As the account begins, we find that Dale is annoyed, even irate, over the presence of one Taren Dorsey, who has joined the opposing team, but who couldn’t play a decent game of softball… read more

'Secret City' by Julia Watts

In the vast sea of YA novels, there used to be a dearth of stories for the LGBTQ community. Slowly but surely, though, new young authors are penning fiction that reflects a more authentic, diverse world. Julia Watts’ Secret City is an important addition to the genre…. read more

'The Suiciders' by Travis Jeppesen

The Suiciders is in some respects a challenging read, but for those willing to step out of their habitual zones of comfort there is reward to be found for the effort…. read more