Over Coffee with Melvin Dixon

Queer mentorship is more than a good idea, or the right thing to do; it is a radical act of community building/re-building.

Supporting oneself as an artist is difficult, at any stage. And so it is with deep gratitude and more than a bit of awe, I reflect on writers who, in the midst of their day to day grind, invest time in raising emerging artists…… read more

5 Poets Who Changed My Life

1. Adrienne Rich I can’t tell you how I knew what the ladder was for.  But when I read “Diving Into the Wreck,” the title poem of Adrienne Rich’s 1973 collection, I hoped no one else in my class could see how exposed I felt. That first year of college, I frequented the library, the… read more

Rick Barot: 5 Poets Who Changed My Life

Instead of five poets, five poems.  Though ultimately it’s just as appropriate to say that the five poets who wrote these poems have changed my life, too.  Each of these poets has a legacy of work that I have pored over through the course of my life as a writer.  And, in that time, their… read more

'My Diva: 65 Gay Men on the Women Who Inspire Them' edited by Michael Montlack

Lambda Award Finalist The talent contributing to and discussed in the anthology My Diva is enormous.  Among the 65 contributors to this collection of mini-essays by gay men on the women who have inspired them are Rigoberto González, Reginald Shepherd, Timothy Liu, Wayne Kostenbaum, Edward Field, Alfred Corn, David Bergman, and D.A. Powell.  Among the… read more