'Another Brooklyn' by Jacqueline Woodson

Another Brooklyn is an absorbing, lyrical, beautifully written novel, which quietly draws the reader into its story of four friends “sharing the weight of growing up girl in Brooklyn” in the 1970s
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'Icon' Edited by Amy Scholder

“[…] it is striking how many of the authors in Icon were imprinted by their subjects in their teens or other formative moments in their lives, while working out who they were, and who they were not.”… read more

‘Belle City’ by Penny Mickelbury

“[…] much has been written recently about America’s tangled multiracial family tree. Penny Mickelbury, one of the founders of black LGBTQ fiction, joins that group with her new novel Belle City.”… read more

‘O, Africa!’ by Andrew Lewis Conn

Moving deftly from Coney Island to Africa to the first-ever Academy Award ceremony and back, O, Africa! is an engrossing and thought-provoking novel about self-discovery and the occasionally dangerous power of the movies.
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Rabih Alameddine: Embrace the Outsider

“Someone asked me, ‘Did you think of the book as political?’ and of course it is. This is what interests me. I could be writing about two hamsters running on a wheel and it becomes political.”… read more