'Proprietary' by Randall Mann

A poetic formalist who has close affinities with Thom Gunn, Mann’s breathtaking skill is every bit apparent in his latest collection of poems, Proprietary. … read more

'Straight Razor' by Randall Mann

There are ways in which this collection of poems (by turns light and searing) doesn’t necessarily want the reader to get too comfortable…. read more

10 Reasons Not to Miss this Year's Poets Forum

New Yorkers have a lot to look forward to in October: leather weather (finally!), oversized sweaters, some of the most inventive and intricate Halloween costumes in the world–and, of course, since 2007, the Academy of American Poets’ annual Poets Forum. Poets Forum is a celebration and examination of the form, where some of the sharpest and most exciting voices in American poetry gather to share their work and discuss their processes. Here’s ten reasons (of many) not to miss this year…… read more

Very (Queer) Best of National Poetry Month

This April, magazines and blogs across the web have been running poem specials to celebrate National Poetry Month. With only a couple days left, I thought I’d take stock and share some of my favorites so far:… read more

'Persistent Voices' Reading @ BloomBars [Photos]

Photographer Michael Jantzen captured Randall Mann, Philip Clark, Sarah Browning, David Groff, Miguel Murphy, Alex Dimitrov, and Eduardo C. Corral (not pictured) gathered for a reading of Persistent Voices (Alyson) at BloomBars…. read more

Poems for Your Queerly Beloved

Need some help wooing your honey this Valentine’s Day? Here are fourteen of our favorite queer love poems, rounded up from LambdaLiterary.org and across the web. Who better to start us off than Sappho? In this fragment, translated by Richard Lattimore, she describes just how much havoc a crush can wreak: “Let me only glance… read more

RJ Gibson recaps AWP 2011

My 10 Favorite Moments of AWP This was the first time in the last couple years that I wasn’t working on grad school assignments while at AWP. With those requirements gone the whole thing is an entirely different beast. I think my answer this year is pretty much like last year’s (so forgive me if… read more

New 'Bloom' is out

After a 3 year hiatus, the new issue of Bloom is out and it’s gorgeous. Charles Flowers has once again curated a lovely group of writers including several Lambda Award winners, finalists, and friends: Kristin Naca, Randall Mann, Mark Doty, Rachel M. Simon and Dan Bellm among others. Order your copy here. Photo via John Masterson…. read more

'Breakfast With Thom Gunn' by Randall Mann

Lambda Award Finalist Randall Mann, whose debut collection Complaint in the Garden earned raves and was winner of the Kenyon Review Prize in Poetry, has returned with Breakfast with Thom Gunn, a recent Lammy finalist. Mann, like the iconic poet he references in his title piece, impresses with his subtle yet confident use of formal… read more