‘Edge of Glory’ by Rachel Spangler

With her last several books, Rachel Spangler has been going from strength to strength, delivering satisfying, beautiful, thoughtful romances, and Edge of Glory is no exception… read more

‘Perfect Pairing’ by Rachel Spangler

Perfect Pairing is a sexy, tension-filled tale about two dynamic women who have lost their way in life. If they can realize what a perfect pair they are meant to be… However, in order to get there, first these two have a lot of burnt cheese to clean off the grill… read more

'Does She Love You?' by Rachel Spangler

Does She Love You? (Bold Strokes Books) gives new meaning to the eternal triangle. Annabelle Taylor is a devoted wife. However, she’s not without longings. She longs for more meaning in her life, and her interpretation of fulfillment would be to start a family with her wife of thirteen years, Nic McCoy. Belle, as Nic calls… read more

2010 in Review: Dan Savage

“Tell them it gets better.” Perhaps the most powerful internet meme of the year was started by a Lambda Literary Award winning author: Dan Savage. In his highly influential column Savage Love, on Sept 23, 2010, reacting to the suicide news of several LGBT teens, Savage wrote his now famous call to arms: “…here’s what… read more

'The Long Way Home' by Rachel Spangler

Raine St. James grew up in Darlington, a small Illinois town, where being a lesbian was not only frowned upon, but was unheard of. At 17, Raine escaped the town to make her way in the big world. She became a successful writer and lecturer by telling her story of growing up in the farming… read more