Fresno State to Share Collection of Gay Literature

When California State University, Fresno, received approximately 500 LGBT-themed books from two Midwestern donors, they decided to share the newfound wealth of resources with Fresno State’s Arne Nixon Center for youth and children’s literature. Now, Fresno State is looking into sharing the collection with local high schools and setting up a traveling book exhibition that will tackle topics like homophobia and the rights of gays and lesbians…. read more

'Quarantine' by Rahul Mehta

You’ve heard the story before, right? Second generation immigrant from [insert country] works twice as hard to fulfill his parents’ dreams, hiding his own desire and bearing the brunt of assimilation—until everyone sees him Bend It, marvelously. To Rahul Mehta’s credit, such Hollywood clichés are turned on their heads in his serene, lingering story collection,… read more