Novelist Tereska Torrès, 92, has Died

The French writer Tereska Torrès, who was best known for her controversial pulp novel Women’s Barracks, died on Thursday in her home in Paris. She was 92. Torrès wrote 16 books in all, both novels and memoirs. Her last book, published earlier this year, was Mission Secrète (Tallandier), a memoir of detailing her campaign to “help the ‘black Jews’ of Ethiopia… read more

'Bobby Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher' by Monica Nolan

Bobby Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher is a clever throwback to the pulp novels of the 50’s. Taken at face value, it would be preposterous—but reading it as the satire it is, Bobby Blanchard is a quick, fun read, ideal for subway, summer, or simply salacious reading. The story centers on Bobby Blanchard, a once celebrated… read more