The Impossible, the Implausible, and the Real: A Conversation with Ryka Aoki and A.J. Bryce of Trans-Genre Press

In April of 2012, A.J. Bryce, parent, musician, artist, and director of Trans-Genre Press, published musician, martial artist, and writer Ryka Aoki‘s stunning debut title, Seasonal Velocities, from the basement of his ailing mother’s home in Granite City, Illinois. Neither Bryce nor Aoki knew enough to know the enormity of the project they’d taken on in… read more

Erin Belieu: The VIDA Count and Women in Publishing

“We should think for ourselves and have a diverse and healthy and dynamic literary setting in this country that isn’t about worshiping a small group of white straight guys […]”

VIDA co-founder Erin Belieu took the time to talk with Lambda Literary about the existence of gender bias in the publishing industry and how to improve the way women’s writing is received…. read more

Publishing Ins and Outs: Advice on Writing for Publication and Getting Published

Do you have questions about finding an agent? Writing a successful query letter, or what those rejections really mean? Pitching a book to a publisher? Submitting a story to an anthology? Being queer in today’s publishing world? Do you want to learn more about the drawbacks or benefits of self publishing, small-press publishing, and the… read more