Bill Clegg: Surviving Addiction

“For years, I tried to control my drinking and my drug use, and I nearly lost my life because of it. I hurt many people in that deluded thrashing. In the writing of these two books, which has taken up all of my free time for the last six years, I think–coming to the end–I felt a real sense of closure…”

Writer and literary agent Bill Clegg took some time to talk with Lambda about his new memoir, Ninety Days, his “relationship” with New York City, and the trials of staying sober…. read more

Bill Clegg, Obliterated by Addiction

Since its release last month, Bill Clegg’s memoir Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man has been on a lot of people’s minds.  It’s shockingly eloquent (although we should expect no less from a successful literary agent), an Orphean account of Clegg’s descent into the compulsive, shattering world of crack addiction.  His career, personal… read more

[Trailer] 'Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man' by Bill Clegg

From the New York Times: “Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man” is the story of how Mr. Clegg lost it all — his clients, his apartment, his loyal boyfriend, his sanity — one crack hit at a time. It’s a story that ranges over several years but finds its dramatic center of gravity… read more