Cutting: On Poetry and Navigating Pain

“Cutting was not about externalizing the pain of being a misfit. It was about winding disparate threads of the ways I didn’t fit into one visible chord.”… read more

‘Nepantla’ Launch Readings

On Thursday, September 4th, Nepantla: A Journal for Queer Poets of Color will be hosting journal launch readings in NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco…. read more

Shane Allison: He Remembers

“You have to decide how honest you want to be in your writing: if you want to leave it in your diary or put it in a book. Yes, the experiences are intense but you have to allow yourself to go there, to cross that line.”

At the heart of Joe Brainard’s I Remember is a counter-intuitive nostalgia for unbelonging. In his long form poem-cum-memoir, Brainard shares glimpses of his childhood and early adulthood that evoke lusty contradictions—the pleasure, pain, and curiosity of growing up different in America. It is a tribute to the self that survived, and the selves lost along the way.

In the same way Shane Allison’s own version of I Remember, published in 2012 by Future Tense Books, also evokes a sense of wonder, frustration, joy and sadness…. read more

Wayne Koestenbaum: The Horror and Fascination of Humiliation

“If you stumble upon negative comments concerning your body or your personality, remember that the online universe equalizes every utterance, and that negative or humiliating comments concerning your body or your personality weigh no more than a feather. Imagine the feather blowing away.”

Poet, critic, and author Wayne Koestenbaum took some time to talk with Lambda about the process of writing about humiliation, Harpo Marx, and how poetry informs his cultural criticism…. read more

'Dear Prudence: New and Selected Poems' by David Trinidad

Unlike other contemporary poets, Trinidad is good at making campy realities, such as kitsch Hollywood cinema, sound confessional, autobiographical. This deliberate and ostentatious, almost anti-academic, humor is part of his charm. … read more