'LADY GAGA x TERRY RICHARDSON' by Terry Richardson

This book is changing. Yesterday it was a hefty yearbook filled with pictures of Lady Gaga taken by Terry Richardson. Today it resembles a bit of yesterday’s fluff. Tomorrow, it may look like an endearing antique…. read more

'Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-1992' by Chantal Regnault

Chronicling the years when voguing exploded into public consciousness and went from uptown New York to downtown, from the ballroom to the boardroom and into people’s living rooms, Chantal Regnault’s photographs in Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-1992 (Soul Jazz Books) capture the excitement and longing of a sub-section of the city’s gay creative energy…… read more

'Gay In America' by Scott Pasfield

For gay men living in gay-friendly-cities, this book is a reminder of what it’s like to be a gay man in the rest of America. For gay men—young or old—struggling to come out, stay safe, and/or handle unaccepting family members, this book may be an inspiration…. read more

'Two Times Intro: On the Road with Patti Smith' by Michael Stipe

The slender book is part travelogue, part photo album, and part scrapbook tribute re-issued by Akashic Books. The first version came out in 1998 and is long sold-out. Now, post Just Kids —and with Michael Stipe post-R.E.M.—the book is a bittersweet object, a momento-mori from a rock-n-roll past that no longer exists…. read more

'Polaroids' by Attila Richard Lukacs and Michael Morris

Workers? Check. Athletes? Check. Cute boys ready to sell Abercrombie & Fitch? Check. Bodybuilder beefcake? Check. This book is bursting with men—in every butch variation. Pick a fantasy, find the page, it’s there. Oh, but it’s “art.” Polaroids is a hefty tome of, yes, reprinted Polaroids used in the making of Lukacs’s paintings… read more

'El Muro: The Wall'by Eduardo Hernández Santos

What’s the point of looking fabulous if nobody gets to see you? Even in Castro’s blatantly repressive Cuba, the ever-resilient LGBT community has taken to the streets, or rather the wall, El Malecon. The five-mile promenade and sea wall, extending along the coast from Old to Central Havana, draws hundreds of Habaneros every night to… read more