'Best Gay Stories 2011' edited by Peter Dubé

Collections such as this also invariably bring up the question, “What is a ‘gay story,’ anyway?” Is it simply a story that a gay person has written? Something that features gay characters prominently? How much focus needs to be on the uniqueness of gay life, or can the protagonist be someone who “just happens to be gay?” Does the author have to be gay—or male—to do it justice?… read more

New in July: Bil Wright, Geoffrey Knight, Tenea D. Johnson & Sapphire

July is notoriously slow going in the publishing world, but there are still plenty of LGBT gems being released this month. Some highlights include: The Curse of the Dragon God: A Gay Adventure, by Geoffrey Knight, is the latest novel in Mr. Knight’s rip-roaring “Fathom’s Five Gay Adventure” series. It is a globe trotting tale… read more

'Subtle Bodies' by Peter Dubé

The poet returns home. He ignites the gas. He waits. In the novella Subtle Bodies: A Fantasia on Voice, History, and René Crevel, the ending is known from the beginning. It is while waiting for his assured death that Surrealist poet René Crevel tells his story, and it is the seeming lack of suspense in that certain… read more