'Necessary Errors' by Caleb Crain

Twenty-something Jacob Putnam leaves his native America for post-Communist Prague in an attempt to find himself. Yet this debut novel by Caleb Crain, Necessary Errors (Penguin), is far more than another tale of a gay man’s self-discovery. With delicate prose and probing insight, Crain touches upon an array of universally felt and emotionally fraught issues…. read more

New in March: Bachardy, Vidal, Jansson

& Books Not Found Anywhere Else Compiling this list every month is bar none my most challenging duty. Gathering a list of LGBT books published every month isn’t as easy as it seems. Pub dates change. Genres evolve. Authors come out. However, this is perhaps one of the most important jobs I get to do…. read more

2010 in Review: Ginsberg & The Beats

Beats were Bisexual? This year Allen Ginsbergs parter, Peter Orlovsky died. And with the release of the film, Howl, staring James Franco as Allen Ginsberg, came a slew of new books and reissues centered around The Beats. Edmund White even wrote a wonderful piece for the NYRoB noting, “almost all of the Beats were bisexual… read more