14 HIV-Positive Characters in Literature

From Precious to Richard Brown When the HIV pandemic began to garner national attention in the early 1980s, it was met with general hysteria. Tenants believed to have AIDS were evicted from their homes and the Social Security Administration interviewed patients by phone, fearing the virus would be passed to employees through face to face… read more

My First Queer Book? 'Borrowed Time'

My first gay book was Borrowed Time by Paul Monette, for better or worse.  I say that because, at the time, around 1990, I was a gung ho queen bursting out of the closet.  Though the book was well-written, it was also a poignant testament to the horrors of AIDS.  The first line was “I… read more

5 Poets Who Changed My Life

1. Adrienne Rich I can’t tell you how I knew what the ladder was for.  But when I read “Diving Into the Wreck,” the title poem of Adrienne Rich’s 1973 collection, I hoped no one else in my class could see how exposed I felt. That first year of college, I frequented the library, the… read more

Ron Drummond: 5 Poets

Sandburg, Stevenson, Ginsberg, Brutus, Herbert and company. My father was Carl Sandburg. My mother was Robert Louis Stevenson. I too am a poet, although mom always thought I’d be a singer. Must have been my way with “Just a Wee Doch an’ Doris.” Mom used to read to us from the works of the psalmists… read more

5th Annual Lambda Literary Awards

Children’s/Young Adult Literature WINNER: When Heroes Die by Penny Raife Durant (Atheneum) The Daddy Machine by Johnny Valentine, illustrated by Lynette Schmidt (Alyson Wonderland) A Boy’s Best Friend by Joan Alden, illustrated by Catherine Hopkins (Alyson Wonderland) Drowning of Stephan Jones by Bette Greene (Bantam) Day They Put a Tax on Rainbows by Johnny Valentine, illustrated… read more