Outwrite! A Celebration of Los Angeles LGBT Literary Pioneers

The Lambda Literary Foundation is proud to announce Outwrite!, a special celebration of Los Angeles LGBT literary pioneers – Malcolm Boyd, Lillian Faderman, Katherine V. Forrest, John Rechy and Patricia Nell Warren –to be held on Saturday, April 27, at the West Hollywood Public Library…. read more

My First Queer Book? 'The Front Runner'

Rick Reed: So it’s probably a cliché, but my first LGBT book was Patricia Nell Warren’s iconic The Front Runner. I remember discovering it in the Waldenbooks at the Beaver Valley Mall in western Pennsylvania when I was about sixteen. I hid it from the friend I had come with and hid it when I… read more

'The Lavender Locker Room' by Patricia Nell Warren

This wonderful book is a collection of nineteen essays highlighting gay pioneers in athletics.  Originally written for Outsports.com, this book has bound together a series of highly entertaining and fascinating studies.  Patricia Nell Warren spent four years unearthing these tales, and her sense of history and attention to detail is inspiring.  She covers a wide… read more

Book Buzz: Summer Must Reads

Book Buzz asked its regular contributors to share their “must read” book this summer and tell us why it’s at the top of their list. Here’s what we got…. read more

The Not So Vicious Circle: Saints & Sinners 2009 (Revisited)

“I think that God, in creating Man, somewhat overestimated his ability.” So said Oscar Wilde in one of his innumerably quotable lines that made him the standard bearer for writers everywhere.  I used to fantasize about growing up and going to a cocktail party where I’d meet Wilde and toss around bon mots.  Ah well…wrong… read more

Patricia Nell Warren: The pioneer

Late last year, while doing a book signing at the Palm Springs Pride celebration, a woman ambled up to me and asked how my signing was going. She was utterly charming, and during our conversation about signings, glbt-themed fiction, and the pride celebration, I realized I was talking to Patricia Nell Warren, author of The… read more