'Queer Theatre and the Legacy of Cal Yeomans' by Robert A. Schanke

Something I often find annoying about biographies is their blatant attempts to shape our responses. Either the writer crafts an homage, believing the subject is beyond reproach, or barely concealed antipathy creates a portrait that is diminishing. Such is not the case with Robert A. Schanke’s current treatise: Queer Theatre and the Legacy of Cal Yeomans. Schanke… read more

New in March: Bachardy, Vidal, Jansson

& Books Not Found Anywhere Else Compiling this list every month is bar none my most challenging duty. Gathering a list of LGBT books published every month isn’t as easy as it seems. Pub dates change. Genres evolve. Authors come out. However, this is perhaps one of the most important jobs I get to do…. read more

New In January: Toibin, Levithan & Rich

How beautiful the turning of the year! If, like many of us, you made a resolution to read more books this year, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got tons of new tomes. Radclyffe and Richard Labonté kick off 2011 with new Best Romance anthologies both from Cleis Press. Meanwhile, the king of… read more

New LGBT Books in July

July brings a slew of new LGBT relevant titles including some steamy new erotica and romance titles from Thom Nickels and Radclyffe. In the nonfiction category two strong titles include David L. Eng‘s The Feeling of Kinship and Queer Blake by Helen P. Bruder and Tristanne J. Connolly. One of this month’s two new gay… read more