'Blue is the Warmest Color' by Julie Maroh

The long-awaited English translation of Blue is the Warmest , originally published in French as Le bleu est une couleur chaude, is a deeply compelling story, in large part due to its thorough exploration and attention to character…. read more

Who's Afraid of Sexy Women?

I remember this moment when I was much younger, about eight or nine, at my grandma’s house. We were watching a movie with a woman singing in a bright blue dress made of tiny blue sequins. Her hair was brushed back, smooth like caramel, and I remember thinking that she was very pretty. A crowd… read more

Emma Donoghue: Going Astray

” I like the oddness of historical events; they’re messier and therefore more startling than whatever I would invent.”

Celebrated author Emma Donoghue spoke with the Lambda Literary Review about her new collection, Astray, her personal writing process, and how her own travel experiences have affected her most recent work…. read more