Lost William S. Burroughs Documentary Resurfaces

Director Howard Brookner’s documentary film, Burroughs: The Movie, may be re-released and digitally remastered in the near future. Aaron Brookner, the director’s nephew, has begun a Kickstarter campaign along with two of his NYU classmates in hopes of preserving the only documentary ever made about author William Burroughs—the “all-around-subversive rabble-rouser, whose Thanksgiving Day prayer remains… read more

Rupert Everett Will Direct and Star in Oscar Wilde Biopic

Actor Rupert Everett is set to make his first directorial outing with a film about Oscar Wilde–tentatively titled The Happy Prince.  NYMag reports: Rupert Everett will make his directorial debut with an Oscar Wilde biopic, which he will also write and star in[…]The Happy Prince will also star Colin Firth, Emily Watson, and Tim Wilkinson, and should start shooting… read more

Literotic: 'Teleny and Camille' by Jon Macy

In the introduction to Teleny and Camille (Northwest Press)— the 2011 Lambda Literary Award Winner for Best Gay Erotica—the author states his desire is to make something from “the lush language and the erotic scenes” of an erotic novel written by Oscar Wilde and his circle of friends in Victorian England…. read more

'Teleny and Camille' by Jon Macy

Imagine a collection of erotic tales penned anonymously by Oscar Wilde and friends. The stories come from a round-robin writing game and the participants are Victorians with various degrees of writing talent. But instead of a party game pastime, where the stories gets racier as the drinks go down, this book was a secret endeavor,… read more

'Oscar Wilde in America: The Interviews' by Matthew Hofer and Gary Scharnhorst

From the publication of Frank Harris’ Oscar Wilde, His Life and Confessions in 1916, the literary world has taken a keen interest in Wildeana, which has shown no indication of abating nearly 120 years after Wilde’s trial and conviction for gross indecency. The last 30 years have brought us such excellent studies on Wilde as… read more