'Transposes' by Dylan Edwards

A major step to breaking down closet doors is to provide venues for trans* people to see themselves. Edward’s graphic novel does just that; focusing on the stories of six queer transmen…. read more

'The Legend of Bold Riley' by Leia Weathington

When a culture is repressive towards women or queers, I figure it is usually reacting against something (or someone) strong it wishes to suppress. So for instance, when I read Biblical or Islamic rules meant to keep women in their place, I can’t help but wonder what kind of powerful, intelligent, agile women existed before… read more

'A Waste of Time' by Rick Worley

This is the tale of a big-headed narrator bunny, a sex-n-drug crazed fox, a teddy bear best friend, and ill-fated robot lovers that drink, smoke weed, look at porn, bonk guys and snort things they later regret. Or not…. read more

Publishing Queer: Marketing and Creating Queer Comic Books And Graphic Novels

GLBTQ comic book geeks unite! On Sunday, December 4, LLF executive director Tony Valenzuela participated in a gay comic book publishing panel/discussion at this year’s Bent-Con: a convention that encourages, celebrates and appreciates LGBT and LGBT-friendly comic-book, scifi, fantasy and horror artists, writers, creators, publishers, directors, actors, and producers, that create media targeted directly to LGBT audiences or the larger realm of… read more

Justin Hall: Queering Comic Books

“One of the most important aspects of comic books as a medium is how it manipulates time. In a very profound sense, the language of comics is an allegorical description of time and movement in a static form. This allows for a complexity that no other medium can touch.” Justin Hall is a cartoonist and… read more

'Rainy Day Recess' by David Kelly

While scientists argue over the causes of sexual orientation, most gay kids know at an early age (or are quickly made aware) they’re gender non-conforming, and their attraction towards the same sex also begins in childhood. But children’s literature is still pretty squeamish about admitting this…. read more

Literotic: 'Teleny and Camille' by Jon Macy

In the introduction to Teleny and Camille (Northwest Press)— the 2011 Lambda Literary Award Winner for Best Gay Erotica—the author states his desire is to make something from “the lush language and the erotic scenes” of an erotic novel written by Oscar Wilde and his circle of friends in Victorian England…. read more

'Teleny and Camille' by Jon Macy

Imagine a collection of erotic tales penned anonymously by Oscar Wilde and friends. The stories come from a round-robin writing game and the participants are Victorians with various degrees of writing talent. But instead of a party game pastime, where the stories gets racier as the drinks go down, this book was a secret endeavor,… read more