'The Devastation' by Melissa Buzzeo

The Devastation opens on the scene of two lovers at the bottom of the ocean, the ‘Devastation’ having swept away their language and identities. The text that follows strives to give form to such an existence… read more

'A Several World' by Brian Blanchfield

“Unlike many master verse stylists, Blanchfield is bursting with things to say, and in ways that have not been said before. As a result, A Several World is a challenging, baffling, wonderful book.”… read more

In Conversation with TC Tolbert and Trace Peterson: The Troubled Line

Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics is a riotous omnibus of queer poetics. The first comprehensive collection of poetry by trans and genderqueer authors, Troubling the Line offers a lyrical investigation of issues ranging “from identification and embodiment to language and activism.”

Lambda Literary recently talked to the collection’s editors about the process of editing this groundbreaking anthology…. read more

'Music for Porn' by Rob Halpern

Music for Porn (Nightboat Books) is a linguistic symphony of the fetishization and politicization of the body of the “soldier” and an exploration of intimacy and desire…. read more

'Western Practice' by Stephen Motika

Western Practice (Alice James Books) is a homage to California and its artists, but it is also a movement of history and geography, and what the west has meant (and still means) to the writer. Packed with images of its bays and fowl, cities and bridges, hills and valleys, Stephen Motika (program director of the Poets… read more

‘The Obituary’ by Gail Scott

Montreal’s Mile-End neighborhood is famous as an artists’ haven, home to bands such as Arcade Fire and a multilingual writing community. It’s a hybrid zone of overlapping languages and ethnicities and the setting of Gail Scott’s fourth novel, The Obituary…. read more