'Totempole' by Sanford Friedman

Totempole’s frank dealings with sex are not only notable but distinguish it from more well-known early gay novels like The City and the Pillar read more

'Last Words from Montmartre' by Qiu Miaojin

Miaojin, I know this letter will reach you too late. Almost 20 years too late, since you died at the age of 26 in 1995. This is the first of your novels to be translated into English, and before reading it, I hadn’t known of your influence on the gay and lesbian culture in Taiwan… read more

Edwin Frank: Queer Aspects of The New York Review of Books

LGBT bibliophiles will recognize New York Review Books (NYRB) Classics as the press that could—but doesn’t—boast about its impressive catalogue of LGBT-interest titles. Edwin Frank founded the press in 1999 as the publishing house of The New York Review of Books and serves as the imprint’s Editorial Director.

Frank kindly agreed to participate in an exclusive interview with the Lambda Literary Review…. read more