'Bachelor Girl' by Kim Van Alkemade

Pulled from a compelling headline over a century old, Bachelor Girl follows fictional heiress Helen Winthrope after the death of her mysterious benefactor… read more

'Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out' by Susan Kuklin

Beyond Magenta is a collection of the real-life stories of six young transgender people in America, interviewed and photographed by Susan Kuklin. Most of the teens live in New York, with the exception of Luke, who is from Wisconsin. Some of the six are still in their teens, while others are out of their teens by… read more

Anti-Gay Violence in New York City, A Pro-Gay Graduation Speech, and Other LGBT News

In the last 30 days, there have been a total of seven violent assaults against members of the gay community in New York City, including the murder of 32-year-old Mark Carson last Saturday evening in Greenwich Village, a notoriously gay-friendly neighborhood. Carson was walking with another man through the neighborhood when three men began taunting… read more

David Eye, "Dance Bar"

This week, two poems by David Eye.

Eye earned a midlife MFA at Syracuse University in 2008, and teaches creative writing and composition at Manhattan College in the Bronx. His poems have appeared in Bloom, The Louisville Review, Stone Canoe, and others. His chapbook, Rain Leaping Up When a Cab Goes Past, has been selected for the Editor’s Series at Seven Kitchens Press.
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New History Exhibits, Recent Research Findings, and the VIDA Count

From June 7 to Sept. 15, the New-York Historical Society will feature an exhibition called “AIDS in New York: The First Five Years.” The exhibition, which draws from a variety of archive materials such as diaries, audio and video clips, photographs and doctors’ notes, will delve into the social and political histories surrounding the outbreak… read more

'Love, Christopher Street: Reflections of New York City' edited by Thomas Keith

Since the nineteenth century, New York City has provided inspiration, sanctuary, and community for millions of LGBTA Americans and immigrants in pursuit of dreams.  Some came to visit, in search of culture, enlightenment, or love.  Some came to make their mark as artists, writers, dancers, and actors.  Others came to escape persecution in their home… read more