Book Buzz #23 November 2010

With LGBT teen suicide sadly–but finally–getting the attention of the mainstream media and general public, certain authors are getting increased visibility for exploring the subject. We mentioned a couple of new titles on the topic in last month’s Book Buzz and Collin Kelley had a feature, “10 LGBG Teen Novels that Tackle Teen Suicide &… read more

MUTE by Raymond Luczak [Trailer]

Our video trailer of the week features Raymond Luczak’s poetry collection MUTE (A Midsummer Night’s Press), published in April and reviewed here by Rigoberto Gonzalez. Back in May, John Morgan Wilson traded emails with Luczak. Read their exchange here…. read more

'Mute' by Raymond Luczak

“A deaf man is a foreign country./ He remains forever a language to learn,” declares the speaker in “Instructions to Hearing Persons Desiring a Deaf Man,” one of many “educational” poems in Raymond Luczak’s newest collection of poetry. A deaf poet, Luczak offers plenty of helpful tips for men pursuing a relationship or romance with… read more