“A Woman Like Me” by Bettye LaVette (with David Ritz)

Consider her the Auntie Mame for the urban set. The Muskegon, Michigan born, Detroit-bred, ‘60s starlet turned 60-something phenom, has been living off the banquet of life by the seat of her pants since landing her first recording contract…… read more

Literary Mixtape: Aspects of Myra, Reflected in Film (1935–45)

Gore Vidal’s Myra Breckenridge (1968) is my favorite novel, LGBT or otherwise. And Myra is my favorite literary character, LGBT or otherwise. As I typed (already past tense) that first sentence I hesitated for a few reasons. I think Myra would detest being labeled LGBT, and I fear her wrath. And who am I to attempt this playlist portrait of the entity that is Myra Breckenridge…. … read more