Romance in Theory and Practice

Theory I’d like to think we’re past the controversy over straight women who write and read m/m romance, but the Sturm und Drang that arises every time I mention the subject in this column makes me appreciate the service that best-selling romance adventure writer Geoffrey Knight has performed for the gay and m/m romance communities… read more

Book Lovers: So You Want to Be a Gay Romance Writer?

In Man, Oh Man, Writing M/M for Cash and Kinks, Josh Lanyon gives a master class in romance writing for writers wanting to break into the M/M romance market. There is no better guide than Lanyon to writing good romance fiction or simply good fiction, period…. read more

Book Lovers: A Conversation about Romance

A Romantic Conversation Recently, I sat down for a conversation about romance with three gentlemen who are prominent writers, editors and critics in the genre. Amos Lassen teaches writing in Arkansas, where he relocated after Hurricane Katrina.  He writes the influential book review blog “Reviews by Amos Lassen .”  Jerry L. Wheeler is the editor… read more

Book Lovers: Holiday Romance

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, as long as you love me so, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” —Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne Holiday romances, like holiday pop songs, are written specifically to capture holiday sentiments, but, when well written, capture the larger sentiments of… read more

Can M/M Romance Challenge the Definition of LGBT Lit?

In a world where Lisbeth Salander is tearing up the bestseller list with her clunky motorcycle boots and her refusal to fit neatly into the category of gay or straight, it seems the revival of queer sensibilities has come upon us. This is something that the expanding genre of Male/Male fiction tackles head on. Although… read more

Straight Women/Gay Romance

Like everyone else in America, I’m unemployed. But the devil finds work for idle hands and recently while cruising on Facebook I clicked on a sexy little icon that linked me to the erotic world of male/male (M/M) romance fiction. Just what the unemployed masses need. You can tell a lot about these books by… read more