Rainbow Book Fair: Photo Gallery

Above Lambda Literary Award winner and current finalist Michael Klein @ The Rainbow Book Fair. For a recap of the fair read Jeff Adams’ dispatch. Photo (c) Heidi Russell… read more

'Radiant Losses' by Tony Leuzzi

More than anything lost, there’s a great and somewhat sad generosity in Tony Leuzzi’s second book of poems, Radiant Losses. I felt while reading these poems that no subject was off limits even when the domain was local: the stiff signature of suburban lawns or the lonely woman at the donut shop or the troubadour… read more

'Pleasure' by Brian Teare

The poems that Brian Teare writes always seem restless with language itself:  the words to say what as much as not being able to find the words at all; poems that exist, in a way, between language and utterance that makes them strangely formal—although I wouldn’t call him a formalist, strictly speaking. His newest book,… read more

'then, we were still living' by Michael Klein

Michael Klein’s second book of poems arrives seventeen years after his first poetry collection, 1990. There were two memoirs in the intervening years and as you might expect, Klein’s return to poetry finds him less interested in narrative. He’s still a consummate storyteller, but there’s more play with sound and language—a willingness not to explain…. read more